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Started by user mark
Checking out a fresh workspace because there's no workspace at /data/live/Hudson/jobs/IR4QA Analysis/workspace
Cleaning workspace /data/live/Hudson/jobs/IR4QA Analysis/workspace
Checking out svn://
A         META-INF
AU        META-INF/context.xml
AU        doc.jsp
AU        index.jsp
AU        layout.css
A         includes
AU        includes/common.jsp
A         includes/footer.jsp
AU        includes/toolbar.jsp
AU        info.jsp
A         WEB-INF
A         WEB-INF/lib
AU        WEB-INF/lib/TidyConnection.jar
A         WEB-INF/src
A         WEB-INF/src/englishcoffeedrinker
A         WEB-INF/src/englishcoffeedrinker/ir4qa
AU        WEB-INF/src/englishcoffeedrinker/ir4qa/
AU        WEB-INF/src/englishcoffeedrinker/ir4qa/
AU        WEB-INF/src/englishcoffeedrinker/ir4qa/
A         WEB-INF/src/englishcoffeedrinker/ir4qa/filters
AU        WEB-INF/src/englishcoffeedrinker/ir4qa/filters/
AU        WEB-INF/src/englishcoffeedrinker/ir4qa/filters/
AU        WEB-INF/src/englishcoffeedrinker/ir4qa/filters/
AU        WEB-INF/src/englishcoffeedrinker/ir4qa/
AU        WEB-INF/src/englishcoffeedrinker/ir4qa/
AU        WEB-INF/web.xml
AU        WEB-INF/build.xml
A         img
AU        img/loading.gif
AU        img/save.png
AU        img/logo_tiny.jpg
AU        img/logo.pspimage
AU        img/graphs.png
AU        img/logo_small.jpg
AU        img/favicon.png
AU        img/information.png
AU        img/logo_large.jpg
AU        img/table.png
AU        img/home.png
A         js
A         js/lightwindow
AU        js/lightwindow/prototype.js
A         js/lightwindow/images
AU        js/lightwindow/images/black.png
AU        js/lightwindow/images/arrow-up.gif
AU        js/lightwindow/images/pattern_148-70.png
AU        js/lightwindow/images/prevlabel.gif
AU        js/lightwindow/images/ajax-loading.gif
AU        js/lightwindow/images/nextlabel.gif
AU        js/lightwindow/images/arrow-down.gif
AU        js/lightwindow/images/black-70.png
AU        js/lightwindow/images/pattern_148.gif
A         js/lightwindow/css
AU        js/lightwindow/css/lightwindow.css
AU        js/lightwindow/effects.js
AU        js/lightwindow/lightwindow.js
AU        js/lightwindow/readme.txt
AU        js/lightwindow/include.jsp
A         js/PlotKit
AU        js/PlotKit/PlotKit.js
AU        js/PlotKit/SweetSVG.js
AU        js/PlotKit/excanvas.js
AU        js/PlotKit/Base.js
AU        js/PlotKit/Canvas.js
AU        js/PlotKit/Layout.js
AU        js/PlotKit/PlotKit_Packed.js
AU        js/PlotKit/dummy.svg
AU        js/PlotKit/SVG.js
AU        js/PlotKit/EasyPlot.js
AU        js/PlotKit/SweetCanvas.js
A         js/MochiKit
AU        js/MochiKit/MochiKit.js
AU        js/MochiKit/__package__.js
AU        no_ie.html
AU        analysis.jsp
At revision 19
[WEB-INF] $ /usr/share/ant/bin/ant -file build.xml compile
Buildfile: /data/live/Hudson/jobs/IR4QA Analysis/workspace/WEB-INF/build.xml

    [mkdir] Created dir: /data/live/Hudson/jobs/IR4QA Analysis/workspace/WEB-INF/classes
    [javac] /data/live/Hudson/jobs/IR4QA Analysis/workspace/WEB-INF/build.xml:19: warning: 'includeantruntime' was not set, defaulting to build.sysclasspath=last; set to false for repeatable builds
    [javac] Compiling 8 source files to /data/live/Hudson/jobs/IR4QA Analysis/workspace/WEB-INF/classes

Total time: 1 second
[WARNINGS] Parsing warnings in console log...
[WARNINGS] Java Compiler : Found 0 warnings.
[WARNINGS] Java Compiler : Found 0 warnings.
[WARNINGS] JavaDoc : Found 0 warnings.
[WARNINGS] Eclipse Java Compiler : Found 0 warnings.
[WARNINGS] MSBuild : Found 0 warnings.
[WARNINGS] GNU compiler (gcc) : Found 1 warnings.
[WARNINGS] GNU compiler 4 (gcc) : Found 1 warnings.
[WARNINGS] GNU compiler 4 (ld) : Found 0 warnings.
[WARNINGS] Oracle Invalids : Found 0 warnings.
[WARNINGS] SUN C++ Compiler : Found 0 warnings.
[WARNINGS] Ada Compiler (gnat) : Found 0 warnings.
[WARNINGS] Erlang Compiler : Found 0 warnings.
[WARNINGS] Intel compiler : Found 0 warnings.
[WARNINGS] IAR compiler (C/C++) : Found 0 warnings.
[WARNINGS] PC-Lint : Found 0 warnings.
[WARNINGS] Buckminster Compiler : Found 0 warnings.
[WARNINGS] Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio (C/C++) : Found 0 warnings.
[WARNINGS] AcuCobol Compiler : Found 0 warnings.
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[WARNINGS] TNSDL Translator : Found 0 warnings.
[WARNINGS] GHS Multi Compiler : Found 0 warnings.
Finished: SUCCESS